Film Producers’ Association of Turkey

Se-Yap Film Producers’ Association of Turkey undertakes activities that enable development and public recognition of film producers as well as their production techniques by establishing a common ground for them to meet.

All of the countries in the world place great emphasis on the cinema industry as a tool of promoting their culture and developing their commercial activities. In addition, both state and private sector bodies provide moral and material support to the cinema industry. Within this framework when we look at Turkey, it is observed that its cinema industry and its primary engines, the producers, do not receive the necessary support as a consequence of the unavaliable means.

In order to overcome this situation, the cinema industry has to be able to stand on its own feet. It is obvious that individual efforts would be inadequate. Therefore, the primary task lies with us: Movie Producers Professional Association. This is why the professional association of Se-Yap has been established and joint action is launched to bring our movies producers and the cinema industry to the position they rightly deserve.

The cinema industry has to overcome serious challenges in order to reach that position. To this end, our proffessional associations aims include: effective managing, following up, protecting, taking legal actions concerning the rights of our members at all institutions and enterprises, enabling the collection of fees and indemnities stemming from the use of their productions, establishing professional and administrative stemming from the use of their productions, establishing professional and adminiztrative relations with public bodies, intitutions, real and legal persons in abroad to promote the recognition and respectability of the Turkish cinema industry and movie producers, organising national and international scholarly panel discussions, congresses and film festivals to promote Turkish culture, undertaking activities in the areas of taking legal action and struggling against individuals and organisations that illegally produce, reproduce, import, distribute and market film productions. We feel that we have a serious responsibility to take this initiative. Se-Yap is well aware of the issues of the cinema industry and movie producers. It will establish confidence through its effective and dynamic conduct in finding solutions to the problems and will  increase its strength with the presence and support of its members.